THE “1 in 5” PROJECT


The “1 in 5” Project is a community project dedicated to educating teenagers the importance of mental health wellness. The 1 in 5 comes from the statistic that 1 in 5 teenagers suffers from a mental health illness within a given year.

Together with artist Abbsterism, the “1 in 5” Project is a visual depiction of the realities most teenagers are experiencing. Five posters discussing depression, anxiety, stress, poor self esteem, and social media burnout will be distributed to all middle and high school schools in Lancaster County. This project is sponsored by Penn Medicine and the Lancaster Behavioral Health Hospital.

Abigail Wilson-Kageni is a 17 year old home school that aspires to attend art school to become an animator. Being drawn the world of cartoons and comics, Abigail has found her way into different mediums of art to explore her creativity and ability to adapt stories and characters into exciting works for others to enjoy. She hopes to bring delightful stories to the world around her as she grows as an artist.

For more information or to request a poster, please contact at